Is there anything better than a spot of berry picking in July? We've been looking to take Kidder strawberry picking for quite some time, but after our trusty field closed its gates when I became a teen, it left us prowling the farms of Lancashire and surrounding areas for somewhere new to go.

It was Groupon that flagged up Kenyon Hall Farm and after a quick Google, I'm not sure how we missed it. Located on Winwick Lane in Warrington, the farm is just a half an hour drive from our home - ideal for a sunny Sunday day out.

Off we trod, wellies and all, through the muds of the car park to collect our baskets. Punnets which hold approximately 0.5KG of fruit are given out as standard, but for the hardcore fruit fans among us, 3KG baskets are available. We might have filled one of these with strawberries.
Sadly because of the adverse weather conditions at the start of summer this year, it was obvious that not many people had ventured to Kenyon Hall Farm. Underneath the lush green leaves, quite a lot of fruit was decaying, but that being said, the fruit that was ripe and fresh tasted absolutely gorgeous. Kidder did the obligatory and stuffed his face with half a punnet of strawberries as we slaved in the sun.

As well as strawberries, in July you can expect to find raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries, broad beans, sugar snap peas and beetroot, with rhubarb ready to pick from late July onwards. Enough for a full, family day out. There's definitely an element of nostalgia in there for me somewhere, but it's always heart-warming to go back to basics, whatever your upbringing.
I'm not going to lie, as we made headway back to the tills of the farm shop with a 3KG tub of strawberries, 0.5KG of gooseberries, blackcurrants and raspberries, my head was spinning with numbers. When you consider the cost of berries in the supermarket, I was expecting our haul to cost a small fortune. Alas, no more than £15 for the lot, including a couple of curry spices and a packet of the fella's favourite munch, Lancashire pork scratchings. Not bad for three hours entertainment and fruit for four people.

We could have easily stayed longer. A lovely wooden outdoor play area, tractor rides and the cutesy little café, could have kept us there for another hour or so. The chickens were also a hit with Kidder. So much so that I was needed to rescue him from the beak of one of the birds. Lesson learnt: desist from supervising your child through the lens of a camera.
Kenyon Hall Farm is open for berry picking from June, but is an ideal Summer Holiday activity during July and August. Start your Halloween themed adventures here in October when pumpkins are at their best and pick up your Christmas tree at the start of the festive season. I couldn't recommend it more.

Kenyon Hall Farm
Winwick Lane

01925 765 531


24/07/2012 10:45

We will definitely be popping along to Kenyon Hall, it looks like a great day out for all the family.

24/07/2012 11:13

You must, Carol. Let me know what you think and take lots of pics x

24/07/2012 10:48

It looks lovely there. We have a couple of PYO here but nothing that big.

24/07/2012 11:13

It's a real treasure, I'm glad we've found it! x

28/07/2012 18:47

I have to say, I remember PYO working out really expensive when I was a kid, but they gave us enormous baskets to fill, so perhaps that's why. We've got a big PYO place near us and I reckon Sausage would love to give it a go, so I may have to go along before the weather turns again.

28/07/2012 19:39

I was expecting it to be Jayne. I suppose that for a load of fruit £15 might be more than what you'd spend normally, but I'm taking into account that we had a full half day out, a new experience for Harry too, free park, seemed worth it to me. Definitely give it a go. I was never told how much it was when I was little ;) xx


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